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Football Index Portfolio – July 2019 Update

Football Index Portfolio - July 2019 Update

Decided I was going to begin a new portfolio on Football Index so I could start fresh and blog about my trading experiences on the new website here at Football Gamblers Lounge.

I had alot of fun on Football Index around this time last year, but unfortunately had to cash out my whole portfolio in order to pay bills over Christmas.

Hopefully this time I can build a portfolio over a longer period i.e over the next three years and try to make more money this time round as a result over the long-term.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a great deal of money to start the new portfolio with, so have started with an initial deposit of just £30.00 to get things going and will be injecting more money very soon once pay day comes around.

Much like my strategy last time, I will be going with a mix of dividend winners and youth prospects mostly.  I have learned in the past the errors of not having a diverse portfolio and putting all my eggs in one basket so to speak.

With the new Premier League football season just around the corner, its a perfect time to get started with Football Index again in my opinion and it should keep me very entertained over the Autumn/Winter months.

I will be using this website to blog my weekly trading experiences on Football Index, what players I’ve bought/sold, any upcoming FI related news and the players in my portfolio who have risen/lowered the most each week.

What better place to start than with my first four purchases that I’ve just added to my new Football Index portfolio.

This Weeks Football Index Purchases

Takefusa Kubo – Real Madrid – 8 Futures – £2.40

Takefusa Kubo Real Madrid Football Index

Lee Kang-In – Valencia – 7 Futures – £1.42

Lee Kang-In was actually a player I had in my portfolio last time around and made some decent money on at the time. I see his price has now risen to £1.42.

I suspecr this will be a big season for Lee Kang-In and I’m hoping his price will end up reflecting some of the other youths on the Index at the moment.

Lee Kang-In Valencia Football Index

Other Misc Purchases

A couple of other small additions to the portfolio with the left over change from the main buys and have went with a few shares in Mario Gotze of Borussia Dortmund at £0.54p currently and Gen Shoji of Toulouse at £0.17p.

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