Football Index Portfolio – 04/02/2019 UPDATE

I thought it would be a good time to give another general update as to how my trading was going on Football Index currently.

I have made a loss of about £80 overall so far in my four months, mostly as a result of having to instant sell some players at a loss due to some bad trades and mistakes.

With such limited capital to invest I wasn’t spreading the risk initially so I scrapped that strategy quickly and I’m now focusing more on media/performance buzz dividend winners.

As a result my whole portfolio has virtually changed and I have added various new additions including Daniel Parejo, Nicholas Pepe, Virgil Van Dijk, Florian Thauvin, Roberto Firmino, Kalidou Koulibaly and many others as you can see from the portfolio image below:

Football Index Portfolio Update

I have been having a much better experience since spreading the risk over many different players.  Of course the profit now is much less because of having less futures per player, but its not as devastating mentally when players do inevitably go through their market cycles of dipping.

The restructuring of my portfolio towards more dividend winners has already started to pay off, in the space of days I have had wins from Nicholas Pepe and Daniel Parejo, the latter who netted me a nice £1.31 buzz win, which was reinvested in some Kwon Chang-Hoon of Dijon.

Really at the moment I am limited by how little I am able to invest which is virtually nothing currently or I would be adding many other players to my portfolio.

Some players I would like to add include Nicolo Zaniolo, Nabil Fekir, Kai Havertz, Rafael Leao, Jonathan Bamba, Luis Suarez, Pogba, Neymar and a few others.

Many of these players I have already held at one point such as Neymar, Pogba, Bamba and Leao, the latter I can see being a great prospect at 19, banging in goals in recent weeks and now seems to be Lille’s first choice striker.

Overall the market seems to be absolutely booming at the moment and shows no signs of slowing down, especially with the upcoming share split in the next few months.

If you aren’t on Football Index currently and enjoy a bet on the football, then I’d definitely recommend signing up as Football Index really offers another unique experience to enhance the match day.

The addition of the in-play goal and assist dividends are still crucially undervalued in my opinion, I have also had some decent dividends here recently with Bamba, Lacazette, Leao, Pogba, Parejo and Pepe.

Futures(shares) are entitled to in-play G+A dividend bonus for the first 30 days of purchase, which is awesome in my opinion.  Gives plenty of opportunities to win at least some bonus dividends.

The in-play dividends don’t show on your overall dividend balance, but I have had around £7+ in G+A bonus recently since it was introduced.

It all adds up and it’s quite exciting waiting on your goal and assist dividend bonus every Wednesday.

Will be doing another update soon, hopefully posting that I am in profit….


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