My Football Index Portfolio

Recently signed up to the football stockmarket which is Football Index and thought I would share my newbie portfolio on the blog.

I have been trading on Football Index for about five or six days now and have been really enjoying the experience so far.

My Football Index Portfolio

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Football Index Portfolio

As you can probably see from the picture I don’t have a great deal of money invested at the moment, only £180.00 to date. Hopefully a few good wins on the sports betting at the weekend will give me some more capital to invest in players.

My portfolio is quite striker heavy at the moment, so the next few purchases will most likely be defenders and midfielders.

Trying to take advantage of Football Index’s new trial of goal and assist dividend bonus.

Mohamed Salah’s already got three goals in the space of about 5 days since opening my Football Index account, so will have got a few pence in dividend’s there already.

Mohamed Salah was also the media buzz winner today, which netted me my first dividend of £0.25p.

Hopefully the rest of my strikers in my portfiolo will chip in some goals for some more dividends such as Landry Dimata of Anderlecht, Bruno Petkovic of DInamo Zagreb, Mauro Icardi of Inter Milan, Kasper Dolberg of Ajax and Haris Seferovic of Benfica.

Just trying to get familiar with the system at the moment and observe the markets/players, aswell as trying to do some research on potential long-term investments.

Football Index will no doubt keep me entertained over the next few winter months as I try to make some money from this very interesting concept.

I’d love to hear from other Football Index traders and their experiences and potential tips for players.

I have also started a blog dedicated to my Football Index trading, which can be found at: Football Index Blog

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