Football INDEX is a stockmarket game where players, known as Traders, take a position on the “future success” of footballers with real money. It’s a UK licensed and regulated fixed-odds gambling product.

Traders place bets by buying ‘Futures’ associated with Footballers, in the belief that they will:

a) Earn Dividends by topping our Buzz Chart

b) Increase in value

The bet is innovative in that it provides multiple opportunities to win small payouts known as Dividends for so long as the Footballer remains on the 1st Team list. As there is a fixed payout of GBP 0.05 per Future, the price of the Future determines the odds – the higher the price the shorter the odds. 

The price of a Future is determined purely by demand within the game. The more Traders buy say Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, the higher the price.

How to get started:

Simply register with Football Index using the link below and deposit a minimum of £10 to get started.

To start trading, join Football Index now at: Football Index – Trade Risk Free For 7 Days